“Crude" Oil: Liquid natural resources mixture of hydrocarbons wide physical and chemical composition, which contains dissolved gas, water, mineral salts, solids and serves as the main raw material for the production of liquid energy (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil), lubricating oils, bitumen and coke

“Trading” Crude Oil: Oil is prepared for delivery to the consumer in accordance with existing regulations adopted in the prescribed manner.

    • Classification and conventional designation crude oils
      • On physical and chemical properties, the grade of preparation, the content of hydrogen sulphide and light mercaptans oil are divided into classes, types, groups, species.
      • Depending on the mass fraction of sulfur crude oil are divided into classes 1-4.
      • By density, and delivered to exports - in addition to overcome factions and the mass fraction of paraffin oil are divided into 5 types (0-4).
      • According to the grade of preparation of crude oil are divided into groups 1-3.
      • According to the mass fraction of hydrogen sulphide and light mercaptans crude oil are divided into types 1-3
    • The main parameters of the test:


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