Normative References & Manuals (INTERNATIONAL)

API MPMS Chapter 1, Vocabulary
API MPMS Chapter 2, Tank Calibration
API MPMS Chapter 3, Tank Gauging
API MPMS Chapter 4, Proving Systems
API MPMS Chapter 5, Metering
API MPMS Chapter 6, Metering Assemblies
API MPMS Chapter 7, Temperature Determination
API MPMS Chapter 8, Sampling
API MPMS Chapter 9, Density Determination
API MPMS Chapter 10, Sediment and Water

API MPMS Chapter 11.1, Volume Correction Factors
API MPMS Chapter 12.1, Calculation of Static Petroleum Quantities
API MPMS Chapter 12.2, Calc. of Liquid Petroleum Quantities Measured by Turbine or Displacement Meters
API MPMS Chapter 17.2, Measurement of Cargoes On Board Tank Vessels
API MPMS Chapter 17.3, Guidelines for Identification of the Source of Free Water Associated with Marine Petroleum Cargo Movements
API MPMS Chapter 17.4, Method for the Quantification of Small Volumes on Marine Vessels (OBQ/ROB)
API MPMS Chapter 17.5, Guidelines for Cargo Analysis and Reconciliation
API MPMS Chapter 17.6, Guidelines for Determining the Fullness of Pipelines Between Vessels and Shore Tanks
API MPMS Chapter 17.8, Guidelines for Pre-loading Inspection of Marine Vessel Cargo Tanks
API MPMS Chapter 17.9, Vessel Experience Factor (VEF)
API RP 2003, Protection Against Ignitions Arising Out of Static, Lightning, and Stray Currents
API Publ 2026, Safe Access/Egress Involving Floating Roofs of Storage Tanks in Petroleum Service
API Publ 2217, Guidelines for Confined Space Work in the Petroleum Industry (out-of-print)
IMO, ISGOTT, OCIFM, Inert Flue Gas Safety Guide

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